Forsaken Network// Infinity [NORMAL&EXPERT] [2.0.2]

Open Forsaken Network// Infinity [NORMAL&EXPERT] [2.0.2]

Server IP
Modpack Version

Normal Mode IP:

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Un-Restricted Gameplay
No Banned Items or Mods
Grief Prevention Protected Land!
15k world border
Voting Rewards/Starter Kit
Friendly Community
Mature Staff Team
Useful Commands: /tpa, /summon, /home, /back, rtp, /support

Griefing/Stealing is not allowed
Don't be a jerk (more of a guideline)
Have Fun!

Ban List?
We have always run with the mindset that you shouldn't have to compromise your playing because a few people use exploits. You define how you want to play!

Check out /banned-items in game for a complete breakdown, we have some items limited to certain worlds, but you can use every item/mod in the game!

Server Hardware:
Our servers run on top notch back-end hardware and we maintain a bunch of utilities to monitor and track the current performance of servers

CPU: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620
HDD: Samsung 830 series SSD & 1TB 10000 RPM 64MB Cache HDD
Internet: 1 Gigabit Dedicated Port

Our community has always directed the server's direction. Between new modpacks and new plugins, you are the core of our server and our favorite person. You decide where we go!​
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 21 ratings

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everyone seems nice and helpful and haven't had any lag yet
Good server. TPS is 20 at all times. It's had some up and down issues, but it really seems stable now. People are friendly and mature. No issues with it. I think I'll be staying here awhile.
love the server! good up time and no lagg great staff and players and great community 10/10 would recommend :)
Been on the server a few days now and really enjoying the experience, there's very little to no lag and maybe some other things that need ironing out but overall its great, highly recommend it.
I've been playing on this server for several months and have been thoroughly impressed with the staff and overall performance. Very knowledgeable and courteous to players new and old. Definately my home server. :)
This server is very nice. Peoples are really friendly and helpful. If you have any question or you need any items they give it to you and that's very nice.
There is many restart so ther server is really stable and there is not many lags like other servers
been hoping around infinity servers trying to find one with dedicated and adept people running it, and nice people playing it... i think i'm finally there. having a ball.
I recently started to play this mod pack but have been on multiple servers by this network. The staff is great and the servers are up almost constantly. The plugins are nice and multiple modpacks are supported from the main modpack launchers
This server has great up-time and is usually pretty stable with little to no lag. There are occasional hiccups, but with a population of its size I am surprised it runs as well as it does. There are always admins around to help and the owner clearly knows a few tricks with programming and has a great custom integration in-place to vastly improve the experience over other servers.