Forsaken Network// Direwolf20 [1.7.0]

Open Forsaken Network// Direwolf20 [1.7.0]

Server IP
Modpack Version
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Un-Restricted Gameplay
No Banned Items or Mods
Grief Prevention Protected Land!
15k world border
Voting Rewards/Starter Kit
Friendly Community
Mature Staff Team
Useful Commands: /tpa, /summon, /home, /back, rtp, /support

Griefing/Stealing is not allowed
Don't be a jerk (more of a guideline)
Have Fun!

Ban List?
We have always run with the mindset that you shouldn't have to compromise your playing because a few people use exploits. You define how you want to play!

Check out /banned-items in game for a complete breakdown, we have some items limited to certain worlds, but you can use every item/mod in the game!

Server Hardware:
Our servers run on top notch back-end hardware and we maintain a bunch of utilities to monitor and track the current performance of servers

CPU: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620
HDD: Samsung 830 series SSD & 1TB 10000 RPM 64MB Cache HDD
Internet: 1 Gigabit Dedicated Port

Our community has always directed the server's direction. Between new modpacks and new plugins, you are the core of our server and our favorite person. You decide where we go!​
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 28 ratings

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Latest reviews

OmegaNetwork, wow weve been through a lot. I have had countless issues all solved withing 24 hours of notice. Majority of the Helpers, Mods, Admins and of course the server owner VanZeben are extremely helpful and kind. I would rate this server 5 stars as it has been through so many issues and struggles and still managed to survive and prosper and has become what it is today, a great modded minecraft server!
Kind Regards,
I looked at the banned items list on every server...

this one had few banned.

Yes, some Infused Fire is banned, but everyone expects it to be banned at this point. (grief, neverending fire, lag hell)
Sure, the Sacred Rubber Tree is banned. Nobody cares about THAT rubber tree anyways.

They actually were true to what they originally said, and therefore, for my first review, I am giving 10/10.
So me and my friend have been trying to find a good server and didnt find any, every server we went to had block lag or was just bad in general. I enjoy playing the server no block lag nice staff and community and it makes me want to play till im at the point of nothing left to do so thank you for the awesome sever and keep up the good work
Other than the occasional lag which can an is fixed with resets, It's a good server to join.
It's a good server all around but there is sometime block lag which is to be expected from a mod pack server , but even then this only happens a small faction of the time that I have been playing. So in total i would recommend anyone who wants to play Direwolf20 with their friends to hop on this server.
Just like the very similar Infinity server, this server is very well maintained. staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Awesome-o bot approves!!! Very supportive staff and very few banned items. Crashes are very rare and usually due to host problems when it does crash
Very stable server, lots of Mods and Helpers online at any given time, I have stuck to this server exclusively since I found it. Would recommend.
Great friendly server. PVE definatly great to get someone into the swing of things. its been a long time since i have played a modded minecraft game and im glad this was the first server i joined.
Good ol' DW server, Best network out in the world! Why not join?