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Open Flux Realms FTB Infinity Evolved | Free Rank | 100 Slots | No Lag | Fresh Map | PVE |

Flux Realms is a top tier Infinity Evolved Server that offers an amazing, and custom experience.

  1. DevManDaimi
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Server IP: play.fluxrealms.net
    Server Website: www.fluxrealms.net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/RYeW5k6

    Hello, Flux Realms is a FTB Infinity Evolved server that is on a brand new map right now. We currently offer a unique and functional economy, with a fun rank system.

    The staff and I are very generous when it comes to keeping our players happy, so in light of that, we are granting everyone that joins our server a FREE rank that will give you a little head start on your journey.

    The server is a LAG FREE, No PvP Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server, but with something unique.

    We strive to make your experience better everyday with new updates, bug fixes, and better content!

    Some of the features are listed here!

    • Crates (Look at our various crate tiers.)
    • Player chest shops (Sell your hard earned items for some cold hard cash!)
    • Keep Inventory ON (Don't worry about loosing your gear, just have fun!)
    • GUI Shop (All of your basic needs can be found here, anywhere!)
    • 100 Slots (Play with all your friends)
    • Vote Rewards
    • No Lag (Play with your friends in a no lag environment!)
    • Discord Server & Music Bot (Listen to some music while you play!)