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Open Five Kingdoms Direwolf20 - An Adventure Awaits You!

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Survival, Economy, GriefPrevention, Towny, Fun, Friendly staff, and more! We appreciate our players and our community is unparalleled.

We have dedicated staff, some of the best plugins out there, and the most breath-taking DireWolf20 experience. In our server, you will see that all of the game mechanisms are altered and replaced for good, just to provide the most customized experience.

DireWolf20 lovers: We have you covered! Despite being a small network, we feature multiple servers, mini-games, and what not! They might sound different, but they serve the same purpose. We have everything! From DireWolf20, and 5KResurrection modpacks, to custom plugins, amazing spawns, and a SUPER friendly community!

We also have a Teamspeak 3! Teamspeak ip:
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4.67 star(s) 12 ratings

Latest reviews

Totally awesome server and staff... Might be the best ever.... Comunity is great and growing....You have to experience it....
I love the community here. All players are helpful and the staff is exemplary.
this is the most glorious server. their staff is extremely friendly and they help with mostly everything!
Still a great server, The staff are amazing, and the community is just great fun to be around! Awesome Server Dudes!
FiveKingdoms Direwolf20 server has a great and supportive community whether its the staff or the actual players, If you don't know what to do they're willing to either personally help you or push you in the right direction.
Server is top quality, with great staff and great players, what more is there to ever want?!?!?!
5 Kingdoms is one of the best servers i have played on in a long time. the community is amazing. 5k never lets me down there always up and running. the lag is very minimal but that doesn't stop anyone that joins this sever.
FiveKingdoms has managed to yet again astound me with the opening on their newest server DireWolf 20. This server is spectacularly built around FiveKingdoms each constituting of custom perks for each rank and their own hierarchy which players can rank up through. And 5K also holds an amazingly designed economy based off earning money from player trade, playing on the server, and voting for the server. This server is mostly lag free and always holds a large crowd of players from veterans to new-comers all ready to help any player in need or to even strike up a friendly conversation. 5K also holds a very large and knowledgeable staff team ready to help with almost any problem. I would with no doughty recommend this server to anyone.
FiveKingdoms exceptional in how they take care of their players and how they run the server! Playing there can be enjoyed to the fullest!
Five Kingdoms is a great community of players. There are so many helpful players and staff. And sometimes the magical muffin man will visit you.