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Whitelist First Order FTB Ultimate

First Order, Pay to play server.

  1. joshua01316
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Welcome to First Order FTB Untimate!
    This is Going to be a Pay to play, Extremely Small Community of players who just want to play the game without crazy amounts of new players or rule's. To weed out other players I offer a monthly fee of $5 to help keep the server up and weed out all the Greefer's. I am Running the server as cheep as i can and will add required RAM if needed. Please Take your time on the server.

    1. No griefing
    2. No hacking
    3. No stealing
    4. Respect each other
    5. 4 Chunk Loaders per person

    If you want to join the server you are welcome to at any time, We have a buy craft set up So you can pay a monthly fee of $5 to play on the server. As soon as the payment goes through buycraft will add you to there server automatically.


    - Fresh Map as of: 12/7/15