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FTB Revelation
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Low population public ftb rev server located in Canada. Fast and dedicated network & machine. Provides chunkloaders & grief protection through sponge plugins. Small and friendly community made up of English and French speakers. 24/7

Work in progress, small economy, shops and towns built by the community.

Server health is first, We try to keep 20 TPS at all time. creative building is encouraged, gigantic super factory builds are not.

map render available

Very few banned items, can be allowed on special request.
Gamerule :
KeepInventory : ON
NoMobGriefing inside claims : ON
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest reviews

A great server with nice and helpful people. All of them have been very patient with me and helped me to learn and figure out what to do over the past few days. Definitely a server I plan on staying with.
Fun public server with friendly people around