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Whitelist Fanatic Gamers

Professionally hosted, whitelisted

  1. Hikaruotaku
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    Modpack Version:
    We are looking for players who are cool, laid back with community focused attitude, who have a good sense of humor and enjoy socializing. No Drama Kings or Queens need apply!


    We handle whitelist approval process by submitting a simple post in our discord channel answering questions regarding mc and where you played before.

    1. In game name

    2. Your age

    3. How long you have played Minecraft

    4. The name of last server you played on

    5. What country you live in?

    6. What Modpack do you wish to play?

    7. Finally, have you ever been banned from a server (if so please explain)
    We do have a age limit but we will make a exception if your mature

    Discord chat rules:

    1. Don't swear excessively in chat, its fine to swear but not a lot

    2. Be respectful to other people. Absolutely no name calling, picking on others, stay positive as possible in all conversations. Treat everyone how you would expect to be treated.

    Minecraft Server rules:

    1. Claims/Chunk Loading - You may have more then one claim, but Please, only claim land where you are using machines etc for chunk loading. No land grabs are allowed and people should let Server Operators know anyone breaking this rule! Thanks

    2. Ender Dragon - We respawn the dragon for each player or group(s) that request it. We can regenerate portions of the end to provide a new supply of end cities as well. Our success depends on all players to have a good experience.

    3. Quarries - Qurries are fine However, if a mining world is available use it. Otherwise only quarry where it will not be an eye sore, like the ocean.

    4. Absolutely no cheating or stealing from other players (hacking clients, x-ray, or exploiting glitches.)

    5. No pranking or pvp unless agreed upon by all players involved.

    6. No shops on our servers unless you have spoken with other players about said shops before joining new world.

    7. Please, before adventuring into the end ask other players to join you and same with the Twilight Forest please.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sneezy1235
    Fantastic community, been great fun so far, still gaining players!