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Open Expert Mode Infinity "Lewincraftopia" Server

Mature Friendly Community Looking for new Players

  1. Lewinsai
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    FTB Infinity Evolved 2.2.2 + Automagy 0.27.0
    We are a friendly group of players looking for more people to play with in a friendly mature environment. Griefing is not allowed and we generally play PvE. We will occasionally have arena fights and random duels however if someone does not want to PvP then you will leave them alone. Atm we are using the packs built in protections and claiming so you can claim chunks as your own but do not abuse the system or you may lose the priviledge. We prefer players over 18 but will make concessions for others. We have our own mumble server as well and most of us are in it when playing this or any other games.

    When you wish to join we did add one mod that you will need to add "Automagy" If you are using the curse beta client for your FTB packs then adding the mod to your pack will be a gateway challenge of sorts. See you shortly in the World!