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Open Evolutis Infinity Evolved 2.1.1 Expert mode server

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Evolutis is a Survival Mod server running with the brand new Infinity Evolved Expert mode modpack

My aim is too run a lag free server with as much access to the mods as possible, emphasis is on performance rather than numbers.

I want to create a small and tight community based server with as little restrictions as possible. Items will only be banned / restricted if they cause undue lag or are exploited.

The server is running Kcauldron with Essentials, GriefProtection and WorldBorder.

This is a Expert mode modpack and as such I will be running the server as a hard core server, there will be no Handouts.

This is not a PvP server, it is purely about the mods and creating amazing machines. The following rules are in place and breaking these rules will result in immediate banning:

1) no PvP
2) no griefing under any circumstances
3) no stealing, this includes siphoning power or liquids
4) no exploits or duping outside of mod mechanics
5) no spamming
6) no 3rd party tools or hacks
7) No automated mining in the overworld. Mining world will either be Deep Dark or RFTools world which will be player made.

Most of all use common sense! if you think its wrong then don't do it.
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