EstiNet FTB SkyAdventures 1.3.0 - 24/7, Fast & Stable. Welcome

Open EstiNet FTB SkyAdventures 1.3.0 - 24/7, Fast & Stable. Welcome

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EstiNet SkyAdventures
SkyAdventures is the latest addition to our Server lineup, based around the Feed The Beast Sky Adventures modpack. Unlike our other servers, FTB Sky Adventures expands far beyond it's typical realm of functionality, with the addition of various technical, magical, and exploration mods, all contained in one epic skyblock modpack.

EstiNet SkyAdventures is built as a minimalist survival server, similar to our vanilla offerings. It has the basics), all that's needed for an enjoyable modded survival experience, but nothing more. SkyAdventures is reliable, with frequent server backups. it's fast too, SkyAdventures runs on one of our best servers!

It's everything you need from a FTB Server.
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it's a pretty good server, having heaps of fun with my friend and you'll see why I wrote a review once you start playing :)