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Whitelist ESRB 13+ PvP Whitelist Server

Family Friendly Server...

  1. HellSinker
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Beyond V1.10.0
    Hello, I am here advertising my white-list server, you can apply via private message to me here; we have a discord chat channel, which is also strictly ESRB 13+; we have a few members who are under the age of 13, they are not involved in the discord chat channel, but do play from time to time.
    The server population is capped at 16 online at any one time; I may review this later when I can determine performance statistics of players.
    It's my goal to increase the discord channel population, and the internal mine craft white-list by about 30-50 players (depending on how active the players are).
    The server specs themselves are 8 gig Ram w/4 cores, it is a dedicated VPS. The world size is capped to an area of 16 x 16 Kilo-meters.
    We have a set of rules which will be frequently updated on the discord chat channel.
    We accept tenacious play in PvP, but ask players to refrain from bullying or otherwise ganging up unfairly. We also have a set of simple agreements which are not rules, for the moment, breaking them is unpunished.
    About the only real rules in place at this point in time are the ESRB reservation, unfairly ganging up on one or a few players in such a way that the odds are weighted in poor sportsmanship, and prolonged unsolicited PvP against the same player.
    As of this point in time the server is in a BETA stress testing phase, when expert mode becomes available we will be performing a full wipe, the mine-craft world as it stands before the wipe will be made available for download for people who do not wish too loose their efforts; A new seed will be decided upon, and the update applied.
    I am not entirely familiar with the community here @ FTB; nor its netiquette; as mentioned on the discord server, being socially friendly outside the game, and tenacious within it is one way to impress me (the one paying server fees).
    To anyone who is white-listed: I sincerely hope you have a pleasant experience on my server, I will strive to keep it as lag free as is possible, this is a first pass attempt at running a MC-FTB-Beyond server with a larger population - I have administered some before - but typically with a global population of 6-8, who mostly played alone or in pairs...
    (Be aware - there is a 10 minute lock down timer on the discord chat channel)