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Whitelist --EpicHubers-- (FTB Infinity Evolved) (Needs players)

New FTB Infinity Evolved server.

  1. TheTrumpWookie
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    This is Epichubers! We are currently brand new FTB Infinity Evolved server and looking to build an excellent community.
    We'd love to hear your response and reccomendations to help better our server. We have a staff team that has some positons open if you'd like to fill them.
    As our player base grows we will introduce Factions. As I'm sure that when the community grows we would possibly introduce many more things!
    If you'd like anymore info! Come join our discord at https://discord.gg/jBSsaHK

    We'd also like to mention that you will need to download inventory pets and vienminer before joining, apologies for errors.

    --Server IP--

    1. Please be respectful to the players, and staff.
    2. Use common sense.
    3. Report all dupes, and bugs to staff.
    4. Please tell us your suggestions and reccomendations. It Helps us greatly!