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Open Empyrean Network | Normal mode | New Map | Low Lag | Mature | Friendly | 24x7 | PvE |

The Empyrean Network is a mature and friendly Infinity server looking for an expanded player base.

  1. Deimos
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    Currently the whitelist has been turned off
    the ad here is currently being reworked .
    New Map as Of March 2016


    1. Hacking, hacked clients, cheating programs, hacks, or any other attempt to gain an unfair advantage over another player through exploits, bugs, cheating software is a bannable offense. We have an absolute zero tolerance to cheating and you will be banned.​
    2. The only client mods we allow are Rei’s Minimap, Optifine, GammaBright, or StatusEffectHUD or any other nolagg/visual clint side mods, excluding xray. The use of any other mod may fall under rule #1 and could result in a permanent ban. If you have a mod that you would like to use on our network, please post it in the forums. Please note that any mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players (auto-clicking, entity radars, etc) will not be allowed, and use of such will result in a permanent ban.​
    3. Any duplication of items, exploits, bugs, xray resource packs/programs or third-party programs that give you an unfair advantage over another player will result in a ban -, third party programs that allow you to rebind keys, set macros, etc. Please report any exploits in the Bug Report forum.Do not spam chat – this will result in ban from all Empyrean Network servers.​
    4. Do not advertise on the Empyrean Network website or in the chat of any of the Empyrean Network servers. You are allowed to advertise your Empyrean Network live stream or any Empyrean Network lets plays on Youtube. You are to follow rule #4 and only post your links on the forums, as-well post your link at the beginning of your live stream/recording and at the end.​
    5. Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on the Empyrean Network website, forums, or on any of the Empyrean Network servers. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, pornography, cybering/cyber bulling over third party programs.​
    6. Impersonation of an administrator, moderator, developer, or any other staff member is strictly prohibited.​
    7. All lag inducing machines and or farms will be removed, we will warn you once. If after 24hours you have not removed the laggy machine we will be forced to remove the machine, It is up to the mod who finds the machine whether or not they want to put the items in a chest.​
    8. All Monster farms must be turned off when player is offline/ or not using them. If this is not done and a mod can not find a lever to turn off the mob farm, It will be removed without warning. If another one is built from the same player without the ability to be turned off you will get a 2 day ban. If you persist to make another we will ban you from all servers.​
    9. No swearing (within reason you can swear), drug references, or soliciting behavior in-game, 1st time, you will be warned. 2nd time we will mute you for 24 hours. 2nd time we will mute you for 1 week. 4th time we will ban you. If you feel the need to swear please go onto teamspeak and talk with people on there.​
    10. You must be at-least 13 or older to join TeamSpeak.​
    Whilst we are mature, kids do play on our server hence #9

    [B]Why would you like to join?[/B]:
    [B]What do you feel you could contribute to the server[/B]:





    Welcome to Empyrean!

    Please note that we are still working on this post and it will be updated over time. However this is pretty much the jist of it for now.

Recent Reviews

  1. cpfuzzy
    I'd love to join the server, but is it still 1.4.1?
    1. Deimos
      Server's Response
      We are now 1.6.2