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Open EGB | Delta Rising 1.7.10 custom modpack, no banned items, no lag

Great community, nice people, no lag, complex recipes, epic buildings

  1. Leksandr_ua
    Server IP:
    Delta Rising
    Modpack Version:
    Server is running on my own dedicated server with two CPUs (6 cores, up to 3.2Ghz each) and 60gb ecc ddr3 ram which is guaranteed smooth performance

    Backup every 3h, restart every 12h if empty

    Great community, straight access to modpack's author, epic city (and not only cities) buldings

    –°onstantly developing modpack by players reviews

    Modpack's topic: link

Recent Reviews

  1. fiveonefive
    A server hosted in Russia by Russians mostly populated by Russians. Despite this, my TPS is fairly close to normal, being located in the United States.
    1. Leksandr_ua
      Server's Response
      If to be honest, server hosted in Ukraine by Ukrainians but you right, it mostly populated by Russians. We work hard on our pack's performanc, with today's mods it's really painful.
      Thanks for review :)