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Open Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles - v6.3 by CraftersLand

Hardcore Adventure | GriefPrevention | Market | Clans | PvP | Rewards | Dedicated Host | Crates

  1. brunyman
    Server IP:
    Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles
    Modpack Version:
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    Server Features:
    > No whitelist, just connect and play.
    > Grief Prevention land protection system.
    > Economy (Spawn Shops, Player's Market and Auctions).
    > Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
    > Daily Backups.
    > Random Spawn signs at spawn.
    > Community Forum.
    > Helpful staff.
    > Few items banned (List here)
    > Hosted in Data Center in Germany.
    > Dedicated Server Online 24/7


Recent Reviews

  1. Meely
    Great server with great supporting and funny people and staff, highly recommend playing on it if you did not yet. Great integrated market, and lava ender tank.
  2. Nicbah
    Joined this server couple weeks ago with my friend, we now play on it every day for multiple hours, staff is super friendly, tps can drop now and then but 95% of the time its fine. I definetly recommend this server, go give it a go!
  3. Mrmanishman
    A good genuine server. A little TPS dropping occasionally but the server is well worth playing.
  4. RimetBlondet
    Server is really nice to play, nice community and nice spawn with rewards and shops the only modded server i have been playing are the once from Craftersland. Can only recommend