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Greylist Dreamer Craft FTB Infinity FREE RANK | No Lag | 100 Slots | PVE | GriefPrevention


  1. KyyL
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    Server IP
    : Play.Dreamercraft.Org
    Server Website: http://Dreamercraft.org/
    TS3 Server: Dreamercraft.voice.vg

    Hello! Dreamer Craft FTB Infinity is a growing, professionally managed server! We strive to make your experience better every day!

    We are giving away a FREE rank to any player that comes on the server! So get online now and make sure you collect your free rank and money!

    The server is a LAG FREE, No PvP Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server

    We strive to make your experience better everyday with new updates, bug fixes, and better content!

    Some of the features are here!

    • Crates (Win all the amazing prizes you have been wanting!)
    • Auction House (Sell the items you work hard for to other players and make amazing cash!)
    • Keep Inventory ON (Don't worry about loosing your gear, just have fun!)
    • GUI Shop (All of your basic needs can be found here, anywhere!)
    • 100 Slots (Play with all your friends)
    • Vote Rewards
    • Parties (Group up with your friends and adventure together)
    • No Lag (Play with your friends in peace!)
    • TS3 Music Bot (Listen to tunes while you play!)
    If this looks like the server for you, join today and have an amazing day!