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New community with a fresh 1.10 server

  1. OptimusDonut0
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    We are looking for a few active, mature players to join our friendly new SMP server. We have been running servers sense it was a thing all the way back to when people would use Hamachi. I (DoughnutDev) have been running packs sense around MC beta 1.8.1 and I have two active modpacks on the ATLauncher as of now.

    ***Important*** We will only reset worlds when everyone is ready or people just start to disappear due to lack of interest.

    Rules and FAQ:
    • RFTool Dims is allowed just do not make 5,000 Dims at once.
    • You may clam as much land as need with the new tool added by FTB and if you need more let me know.
    • Please do not steal or use exploits to steal.
    • Try and keep a clean community
    • Just have fun, and try not to build to laggy of setups although I do like to see complex build just make sure they are not super laggy.
    if you are interested in joining, please fill this application out:
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