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Open DivineGenesis Network | Stoneblock 2 | Dedicated Server & Staff| Minimum Banned Items


  1. DivineGenesis
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    - About Us -
    DivineGenesis is a brand new network with owners who have a long background in helping other servers and love to program. With DivineGenesis, we plan on having a friendly environment for any type of player so come on and join!

    - About Our Servers -
    We, as a network, always plan on having a minimum list of banned items. If things are to be banned, the reason would be reasonable. Currently, the only things banned are chunkloaders BUT thanks to plugins we are able to give players the ability to chunkload while the player is on the server and a few hours after logging out. We do not require donations to run this community, we run this out of pocket! Any donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards future costs. Rewards for donating are also EULA compliant!

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