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Whitelist Direwolf20 [1.12][Community][PvE][UK Host][Whitelist]

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  1. LiamBombastic
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    FTBPresentsDirewolf20113.1.11.0-1.12.2 (Beta)
    We are looking for some new players to help expand our server. There will be some events going on in this server, some seasonal based and some randomly organised, fairly frequently. This server is always online as we have a dedicated host and it has almost no latency. No items are banned on this server, we like to think we can trust you to not do anything ridiculous but if world destructive behavior becomes frequent then we will have to start banning items and players so don't ruin the fun for others.

    We are looking for mature players so if you are interested in joining our community please fill in the form below:



    Do you have a mic and/or discord:

    If you don't have discord would you download it? (Leave blank if you already have discord): How active will you be on our server?:

    What do you look for in a server?:

    Tell us about you and why we should let you join our server:

    If you do not feel comfortable posting the answer to all of these questions on reddit then feel free to dm LiamBombastic#7825 on discord and I will try to get back to you asap. You can also ask be any questions you may have.

    If you're accepted then I will send you the link to the server's discord channel and I would like to speak to you in discord briefly just so I know everyone on a basic level before you join the server, this won't affect your possibilities of joining the server so don't worry :) We hope to see you soon! :)