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Open DireCraft.net |PVE|GriefPrevention Plus|Economy|Jobs|Shops|24/7

Economy Based No Griefing Professional Staff

  1. seriousvern
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    IP: play.direcraft.net

    Website: www.direcraft.net

    We are currently running version 1.5.0

    • Friendly players
    • Helpful staff
    • 24/7 Economy based server - buy and sell
    • Common commands like /tpa /back and 2 /sethomes to start
    • Jobs
    • Choptree/Timbermod/Treeassist
    • No sign up. Join and play
    • Patched items
    • Random vote rewards +exp + money + claimblocks
    • Great uptime
    • NO GRIEFING, we will ban you period
    • Be respectful to others
    • Have fun
    We have been running various modded servers for the past two year. Some of our servers include FTBUleashed.net FTBInfinity.net. We offer a place for mature players to come and enjoy the modpacks.