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Open Digitopia Infinity Expert 2.3.3/Infinity Normal 2.3.3

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DigitopiaMC is a Modded Minecraft Network focused on the players.

Server Specs:
Intel i7-4790K (4.4GHZ)
32 GB of RAM (DDR3)
2 x 240TB SSD Drives
Located in North America

Each server is given on average 8GB of ram, and restarts come in every 3 hours, to keep Everything Fresh.
We have:
Mining worlds- Specially for those early game runs
Grief prevention- With Modded MC support
Toggleable X server chat- Now you see it, now you dont
10k world border- For all your exploring Needs
Friendly experienced staff and a growing player base.
TeamSpeak - see the website for the IP

Check out our website to see what's happening on the server, and see what Packs and versions we are running.


Should you have any questions you can connect to our hub server @ with any 1.7.10 client and ask us any questions you may have, or drop us a line at the Website. All our Rules and banned items can be found in the Forums, We try to keep it as minimal as possible!

Current Versions are:

Direwolf20 version 1.9.0 IP-

Infinity normal mode version 2.3.3 IP-

Infinity Expert mode version 2.3.3 IP-

A base on the Direwolf server

Part of a base on Infinity Normal server
First release
Last update
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