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Open DeVco Revelation

Open | PvP | 24/7 | GriefPrevention

  1. devryb
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    DeVco Revelation
    North America:
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    Server Specs:
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K 4c/8t
    Frequency: 4.0GHz+ (4.4GHz Turbo Boost)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz

    Our Server Rules
    Server Help

    General Info:
    Thank you for visiting our server promotion thread. We are a long standing community ran by a well experienced staff team. They know their stuff and are easily approachable!

    • We are using GriefPrevention to protect your land
    • PVP survival server (No PVP in the overworld)
    • Since these are 1.12 servers there will be limited support from staff for them. Consider these servers still highly Beta. World resets may happen but we will try our best to avoid them. Ranks/Kits and alot of commands are still unavailable. There are basic commands and claims are functional

Recent Reviews

  1. tobi6369
    IGN: tobi6369
    almost no lag, friendly staff, fast support and a lot of modpacks can only recommend
  2. 016Nojr
    IGN: 016Nojr
    Awesome server!