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Open Departed | No Banned Items | Towny | 1.4.0 | PVP

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Welcome to DustyDeparted!

Quick Knowledge
- 24/7 server
- Running FTB: Departed
- PvP enabled
- No banned items
- Griefing and trolling allowed to an extent
- Utilizes Towny
- Mature community

Want hardcore adventure and a nice community? A server where you can build and sell advanced weapons
in a player market? How about being able to fight huge bosses with the support of multiple towns
for mutual advancement? This is all possible when you play on DustyDeparted, a place where surprisingly
fun times are mixed with a surprisingly fun owner.

A Departed server run by DustyMittens, Dusty is a carefree and highly
likeable owner, managing all of the players' problems by hand. The server is homey,
lots of land still avaliable to players and a friendly, helpful community to assist them.

Users can vote for DustyDeparted here ( for rewards ingame and good vibes all around!

You can contact an admin on Skype @ DustyMittens
You can contact an admin on Skype @ DustyMittens
You can contact an admin on Skype @ DustyMittens
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest reviews

Call my on skype, (Dusty) im having problems logging in and i think i might have to get my character data reset??? To the masses, the server is great!
Bruh its so epic A MUST PLAY if you like playing modded minecraft in general THIS IS AN AWESOME PLACE TO BE and if your a newbie just looking for some info me and puppy will help you learn about the mods PLAY THIS SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like a child wrote this, but he's almost a man. I think...
Well, me and my homebois play it and like the server is like sooper dooper so yeah just dont piss off the owner he will voodooo the shit out of you with witchery :D :D
He is a liar, but I am going to voodoo the shit out of him for telling everyone.
This server is so fucking good i had a shotgun orgasm and im a male
Thanks for the love Kiwi. :3