[Dedicated Hardware] Casual FTB Endeavour (1.3.0)

Open [Dedicated Hardware] Casual FTB Endeavour (1.3.0)

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FTB Endeavour
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We used to be a FTB Revelation server, we recently switched to FTB Endeavour. We have an active community of 10~15 people on the server. We just updated to 1.3.0, and map has been reset.

No paywall, no bullshit, no privileges, no social hierarchies, no ranks, none of that. All gas no breaks. You must follow these rules so we don't lag out the server.

  1. Do NOT pump your own lava. Use public ender lava tank at spawn.
  2. Chill out with the massive mob/animal farms. Please insta-kill them.
  3. Do NOT interact Flux Networks with AE2 Energy Cells. Instant crashes server.
  4. Do NOT use external storage with AE2 systems. Halts server.
  5. Keep your reactors and other multiblocks in one chunk. Press F9 to see chunk borders.
  6. The mining dimension will be reset every week.
Banned item list:
  1. Crystal chests. There's no way to disable crystal chests from server side, but if I see them, they will be destroyed. They cause server lag.
  • How do I claim/load chunks?: Use FTB Chunks (map icon in top left of inventory).
  • Will the map be reset?: No. I am not, ever, planning to reset the world unless there's a major update to the modpack. I plan to keep the same map forever, as long as there's no major update (which there probably won't be for a very long time)

Custom configs:
  • Only one person needs to sleep to skip the night
  • Anyone can place global waystones
  • Disabled Quark frogs (hogs CPU)
  • You can load 25 chunks using FTB Utilities (please avoid using chunk loader blocks)

  • /sethome & /home (you can have 2 homes!)
  • /back (when you die)
  • /tpa [player] (teleport request)
  • /rtp (teleport to random coordinates)
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