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Whitelist [Dedicated] - [E3-1240] - [Revelation 2.7.0]


  1. Australian-Servers
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Revelation (v2.7.0)
    [Server] - [Whitelist] - [Dedicated] - [E3-1240] - [Revelation 2.7.0]
    Server Rules:

    • No excessive swearing

    • No harassment of other players

    • No spam

    • No disrespect towards staff

    • No excessive arguing/fighting

    • No grief No building within 100 blocks of another player's structures or claimed town (unless you have their permission)

    • No intentional damage to the world (wasting resources, destroying areas for no purpose)


    • No scamming

    • No cheating (Xray, etc)

    • No abusing glitches/bugs

    • No advertising other servers

    • No impersonating a staff member
    Server Specs: Intel E3-1240 V5 CPU @ 3.5Ghz, 16GB RAM "Upgrading to 32GB Within the next month" 2x240GB SSD

    Apply to join our server here!

    When it comes to applying for whitelist on our server you need to put time into your application. Dont rush it tell us abit about you.

    • You want to join our server why?

    • Do you have a mic?

    • Are you a youtuber/streamer?

    • Will you be active on the server?

    • Can you tell us what you want to do on our server?

    • Tell us about you

    • What is your ingame name?