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Open CorinthMC DW20

CorinthMC DW20

  1. tmoflash
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    Introducing CorinthMC DW20. This is a fresh new server offering DW20 FTB normal mode.

    URL: https://corinthmc.com
    Forum: https://forum.corinthmc.com
    Discord: https://discord.gg/rMA7bmb

    - PVP - Player vs. Player is allowed
    - Economy - Server uses Drachmas (igm) as their main currency
    - Voting Rewards - Vote daily to receive rewards including a chance to get better rewards, server votes also available
    - Admin Shop - you can open admin shop from wherever you are to purchase in-game items
    - Crate Keys - ingots, armor, weapons, tools, and machines all have a chance to be won using crate keys
    - Daily Rewards - get daily rewards every 24 hours
    - Grief Prevention
    - Player Shops - Sell items in game with you own unique shop
    - Ranks - Basic Ranks & VIP Ranks (on shop) with perks and kits available as you progress
    - Shops - https://store.corinthmc.com