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We're a small community that has been playing Minecraft together for over 4 years, and most of us have known each other for even longer. Our primary playing hours are between 6 PM and 12 AM EST, though we have players all across the US, so there may be some amount of fluctuation.

We often use Discord for communication in-game and Steam for communication otherwise. You can join our Discord channel here and our Steam group here.


  • Server hosted in Chicago
  • 99.9% uptime
  • No banned items
  • Automatic island setup
  • Very little plugin-interaction; this means there is no economy, no warps, etc, just FTB how it's meant to be played.

  • Use common sense.
  • No stealing or griefing.
  • Don't harrass other players. This includes no PvP unless the other player has agreed to it.
  • No hacks; this includes x-ray, gammabright, fly/speed mods, etc. If you're not sure if a mod that you want to use qualifies as a hack, ask the administrator.


EDIT (5/6/16):
We are, at this time, no longer accepting new applications. If you're a friend of someone already on the server and would like to join them, ask them to contact me (ChaosTheDude). Otherwise, we will no longer accepting new applications in order to keep both the server load and the playerbase at a manageable level.
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