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Open Chaos Dragons's Infinity Evolved Skyblock Expert mode!

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We are glad to announce Infinity Evolved Skyblock Expert Mode.

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We have also revamped the ranks and added new donator ranks. So go checkout the donator store to see the perks.Our new ranks for donations are all permanent! All new perks for each and new kits!

Rules are keep it simple and treat others with respect! Each server has its own set of server rules. We are a mature server with senior and friendly staff who know what they are doing! Lots of players who know the mods inside and out.

Also don't forget our other servers we have!

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  • 4 Core Hyper-Threaded Intel I7 4,4 GHz
  • 32 GB of DDR3
  • 2 x240GB SSD
  • Solid 1 Gigabit connection
  • This Server is brought to you by ChaosDragons
  • Dedicated Bungee cord server network!
Infinity Evolved Skyblock expert mode! vs1.0.4
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Great server low lag helpful staff
this is a nice server group they have a number of popular pack running. The staff and owners are knowledgeable and helpful
Great server, fells more complete then the other servers that i have tried that are currently up, mature staff.
I have played for only a few days it has been amazing! Their rules help keep this server alive and well!