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1.1.0 (Release)

BxB: Beyond was released almost as soon as the pack itself was released, and has been going strong ever since. With a team of admins who have been hosting both vanilla Minecraft and some of the largest modpack servers for nearly 5 years now we know our stuff.

BxB believes in the core value of fairness. This is why we will never sell items, we will never have crates, people who vote for us will not receive anything in return except our thanks, and everyone will always be on the same level.

If you are looking for a server that treats everyone equally, bans as few items as physically possible and consistently has players online, BxB is the place for you.

Banned items

To be added soon - Keep in mind we only ban the absolute worst of the worst. So the list will be short.


The rules are simple;
1) Don't be a jerk to other people.
2) Don't abuse bugs, it just ruins the game for everyone.
3) Don't grief, this is a friendly server that aims to stay non-whitelisted for as long as possible.

Server info

We intend on keeping this map as long as possible, but please keep in mind there are some things beyond our control and may cause the server to be reset. This is especially true with 1.10.2 modpacks. We will not run a beta build to ensure quality of the server. You can expect to have the server updated within 12-24 hours of a new release coming out.

When expert mode comes out, we will be hosting both a normal version as well as an expert version, ideally being able to connect to either with a simple command.
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Good server, friendly staff. No lag and active community.