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Whitelist Beyond


  1. ProdigHD
    Server IP: or rikio2.mchost.pro
    Modpack Version:
    Hello Ther!

    I have a "small" server for 15 players, it is the Beyond 1.10.2 pack. It is 100% vanilla no plugins no economy or shit! ;)

    I'm searching for mature players 20+, i don't need kids hoping on the server and stealing the stuff or lagging the server.
    Need player to play on the server,it gets boring alone the server is online for the next 6 months. I'm searching for player to play on the server,not just 2 day in a weak or just 1or 2h.

    If you are a mature and serous player you can contact me here or on Skype(better Skype).

    Server spec.
    2 intel xeon E7-8867V4 CPU's
    128 GB of ram
    1000 SSD
    6T HDD
    Connection 1000/1000 Up/Down

    All mature player can MSG me here,or on Skype(riadida)
    the best way is Skype LOL:D