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- Very strong lags.
- You do not get an answer in the discord
- totally inactive admins and founders
- it gives the impression that the server is dead
love it <3
Good staff, welcoming right away, answered all my questions and freindly
Easily my favourite MC community. Staff are clearly dedicated, and the general spirit among both staff and players is one of friendship, fun and allround good times. :)
They do well in following their rules, and try to make it as lag free with as little things banned as possible in their servers.
Great community although there is a large amount of tick lag
From the limited time I've been on these servers, I have enjoyed it so far. I can say that there is almost no lag. The servers seem stable, and the community is quite nice. They keep things reasonable and the staff seems to give several warnings before punishing the people doing said thing that is against the rules. Overall a great server. Ign-MCNandoIsTheSnit
Great server, always willing to help. People are very friendly. Can make a friend with anyone on. :)
I've been with this server since launch, Something's kept me coming back after about 3 years. Friendly staff, Stable server, and just generally a good time.
I start playing on this server over a year ago and im still enjoying it. A lot of different Modpacks to choose from and that almost lagfree. Helpful staff and community members. Issues are resolved pretty fast and the staff tries to improve things as much as they can. Worth a visit for sure!