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Whitelist BeBeyond - FTB Beyond Exclusive Private Server (LIMITED SPACE) 17+ [US]

Exclusive private server with friendly and adequate community.

    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Hello, dear Player!
    BeBeyond team welcomes you here on Feed The Beast official forum. A long time ago we have a chance to witness the development of many extremely successful projects, including the one majority knows as "NukePowered". We always thought of a project that would share similar features, great scope of gaming possibilities, and superior quality of project execution, and now, after months of work, we have finally brought our dream to life! Announcing BeBeyond - your best-modded experience.

    Here, you will not only find yourself a team of mature, motivated, and experienced players, but a number of different entertainment events, challenges, and new features that you will exclusively witness. We are the bounded community of people with one target: to get the most out of FTB, and if you share the same goal, welcome aboard!

    The only thing you need to do is to report to our website: bebeyond.us.to
    and click "Apply" button which will redirect you to the google form required to be completely filled. Afterward, we will contact you via Discord (Please download and install it beforehand) and let you know all the other details. The process is simple and takes no more than an hour for your application to be reviewed, confirmed, and decided.

    Technical details for those interested in our hosting solution:
    Dedicated server located in western Europe (great USA coverage)
    Core i7, 4 core, 3.5Ghz CPU
    20 GB of DDR4 RAM
    Ultrafast SSDs
    DDOS protection
    1TB HDD for server backups
    1GB/S Internet connection

    Thank you for your time and see you on the server!
    Truly yours,
    FTB BeBeyond Team.


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