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Server Features:

- Towny protection system
- Daily fixes to try and prevent lag
(Almost every server gets lag and we admit that we might lag from time to time but we are always working on improving)
- High end hardware (Check under Server Hardware below)
- Rankup by playing (Join the website to get the 1st rank and rankup by playing (Every rank gets a daily kit))
- Pick between multiple starter kits (We allow you to pick the items you start with from our preset starter kits)
- Friendly, fair/helpful Staff (We have some high requirements set in place for players to even become staff)


- No raiding Towny claims or griefing/altering roads in general within a 1 chunk radius of said claims.
- No PvPing.
- Keep your language appropriate (Racism and Sexual references)
- Don't exploit bugs! (Report them and get rewarded)
- Don't use caps and don't spam!
- Respect other players (Language, trolling, harassment, etc)
- If any base is considered to cause lag we have the right to either delete or modify it.
- No bypassing afk timer.
-English only in main chat.

Server Hardware:

Inf/Inf Expert:
i7 I7-7700K OC (4 cores / 8 Threads)
Frequency: 4.7 GHz+
RAM: 64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz​
First release
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4.76 star(s) 17 ratings

Latest reviews


If you feel like you are spending all your time looking around for a good server to play on, you can stop looking, you found it at Bacon Networks. I remember it took me a couple of weeks trying to find a server I felt I would be safe on with fair staff that wouldn't just blow you off when you had a question or needed help with anything. I was given help right away not only from staff but the huge community for players here. You won't find a bigger player base anywhere. With all the plugins being updated almost daily and the amount of time and money being spent on the upkeep of the server, it's just too hard to find anything better. Voting gives you great rewards and there are other great rewards programs in game. The owner has gone above and beyond what other servers have to offer and if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I love this server. I have been playing here since December 7th 2015 and I'm not going anywhere. <3
I have been playing on this server for 1-2 weeks now and I totally love it. It has all the essential needs for a good server like: working towny, protections, a good spawn and friend lists. It also gives some optional things like the Market which is a very nice way to buy/sell items to/from one another. The server might not always have 20 TPS but it is very close to this. and I don't see a problem with it at all since the server is having at least 40-60 people on at a time. The staff is also very helpful and the community is nice. Also gives you the chance to easily communicate via teamspeal. This is why I rate this server a good 5/7
A fully operational FTB server which is dedicated to being PVE only. Towns can be created and land can be claimed and built on for protection and communities can be forged. For the 2-3 weeks I've been playing on this server I haven't witnessed a rude or careless staff member, and the community as a whole is wonderful, you'll get a warm welcome when you first join as your adventure begins. I would personally like to vote this server a 4.5, but since there is none I'll just stick with the 5, the server is great and all and runs smoothly with around 40-60 players, but there's very small issues with certain things on the server, but overall I love this server and will be donating very soon.
Been on the server a few months, really liked it people are friendly and helpful. Server restarts every few hours which keep lag to a minimum tps normally around 18 which is great for modded MC. Staff are helpful on both servers and friendly. Combination of LWC and Towny gives really good grief protection and most people are friendly enough not to grief anyways. Towny is very affordable without spending any money but donations are 1 off payments for really helpful bonuses. Rules seem reasonable and startup stuff is nice enough to not waste hours getting wood even though minecraft does that to me
The server runs as you'd expect from a modded server, laggy at times but not as bad as most I've played on and honestly very well even with a lot of people on, and the people who play on it are amazing.
All the times I've been on, there is always someone on who can help, player, mod, or owner, and they really know how to make you feel welcome.
The server protection is towny, which took me a little getting used to, and honestly I'm still new here, but with the way things are handled, there is never any reason to feel left out or confused about anything. As they told me on the forums, "theres no stupid questions, only stupid answers".
Pros; great owner and server population. the staff are super helpful, and most players are good people. greifing is rare and help for newer players exists.

Cons; modded minecraft being modded minecraft
IGN: LoliLove
So, i surfed around maybe 12-14 Infinity servers looking to find one that was really awesome. Most had issues where you either were restricted heavily, they wanted money to play longer then 3 hours a day and even one had AE banned.

Suffice to say, when i found this server it was a breath of fresh air. The players are friendly, the staff is knowledgeable and the owner is active in the community answering questions, fixing problems or just chatting about.

The protection is towny, with added LWC protection.They have both Normal and Expert modes. PVE based. They have a market listings plugin that is really neat so players can sell stuff without leaving home. Best of all though, is they have a time based rank system, so those who play regularly are rewarded for their dedication tot he server.

Overall i give the server 9/10 because the only down side is some occasional block lag, but you get that with any modpack that is machine based like infinity.
Ive been on here since jul 16th, 10/10 maybe mum get da camera
It took me a while to find a stable server with active staff after my last one shut down, this is the one I found. Nice staff, little down-time, not much lag and a good player-base.