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Whitelist Australian-Servers Revelation (v2.7.0 ) | Dedicated | Small Community!


  1. Australian-Servers
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Revelation (v2.7.0)
    Australian-Servers [Whitelisted] Revelation (v2.7.0)
    Server Location: Sydney
    Website: https://www.australian-servers.com/
    Server Address:
    Mods: Revelation (v2.7.0)
    Description: Australian-Servers is a new Australian hosted gaming network! We currently run servers for Arma 3, Gmod, Killing Floor 2, and Minecraft All our servers are running from a Dedicated Server in Sydney
    Rules/Guidelines: Make sure you read and understand everything on this page if you would like to become a member of the FTB server. If you don't understand a rule feel free to ask a staff member in-game or add them to a conversation on the forum.
    • No excessive swearing
    • No harassment of other players
    • No spam
    • No disrespect towards staff
    • No excessive arguing/fighting
    • No grief No building within 100 blocks of another player's structures or claimed town (unless you have their permission)
    • No intentional damage to the world (wasting resources, destroying areas for no purpose)
    • General:
    • No scamming
    • No cheating (Xray, etc)
    • No abusing glitches/bugs No advertising other servers
    • No impersonating a staff member
    Server Specs: Intel E3-1240 V5 CPU @ 3.5Ghz, 16GB RAM "Upgrading to 32GB Within the next month" 2x240GB SSD