[ATM 5]WithTheCat -  Tight Knit Community - Friendly - 8+ years up time!

Whitelist [ATM 5]WithTheCat - Tight Knit Community - Friendly - 8+ years up time!

Owner and the admins are thicc what else is there to say 5/7
A very warm and friendly community, always helpful and i happily recommend this server to friends. You may not believe a total stranger like myself but take my word that its a super warm and friendly place. And if you don't believe me i wholey recommend you join yourself and experience it.

Any server issues you have are fixed asap (if possible) and the community gets a say every few months on what they host next.

Join and you won't regret it <3
I've been part of this comunity for a really long time now... It's filled with great and fun people!
owner loves me
So far the type of community I really enjoy being with, staff is awesome/friendly, and easy to talk with. Owner is crazy hilarious and sometimes nutty but great to deal with.
Join our discord, or else!
Just four words supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ;p
Have had lot of fun here, do recommend.
I love the people on the server always friendly and fun to talk to.
great server and fun people to play with
Friendly, smooth servers, funny members. The server owner is just as weird as the submission page would make you believe.
Still here after so much time, still great, still happy to be part of the comunity!
good staff
nice people
not sure about the owner though, hes weird
Great Community. Small, everybody knows each other. Little to No Drama, Decent Staff. Never really had a problem with the community. The staff here give a lot of chances, Such as my accidental 3 server crashes over 3 days i was given chances. Thanks Anders!
Not too crowded and and everyone is really friendly
Friendly staff and atmosphere, active discord server, close to no lag in terms of tps.
I have put a lot of hours on this server. Never had any problems with it. The best to play with.
If you want to spend your time with chill friends.....

You're at the right place! This is my go to if I want to lay back while chatting with the people on the server. Even when we're doing stuff, you feel an air of relaxation (even though its a game on a computer, BELIEVE ME)

All in all, I give a thumbs up )3
Underground Lounge has always been a very laid back place. Also if you're new to anything in modded Minecraft there's almost always someone willing to help you at UgL. The servers are maintained well.
For the short time I've been here, friendly people and just overall nice place to play.