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Open Arkham Trident|Trident 1.4.0

A well organised Team based PvP

  1. mac123
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Trident 1.4.0
    Arkham Trident is a fully managed and organised Trident Modpack And Map server.

    Some Team And Application Information.
    To start with I should make something clear. This server is not whitelisted.
    Spectators can join whenever games are running and will be able to spectate. These applications are just for people who would like to play.

    Depending on the responses I get to this the following team sizes will be avaliable.

    Duo and Quartet.

    Application Format:
    Team Name:
    Minecraft Name Of People Included:
    Total Team Size:

    Please post Applications here

    Current Battle Dates!

    The only thing else I have to mention Is the rules they are very basic.
    1. Grace period for the first 30 minutes of the game.
    2. Please be respectful and no foreign languages
    3. Please do not use excessive cursive or offensive language.
    4. No sabotaging(Could result in punishment such as Team Removal and compensation to the other team)
    5. The only other thing to be aware of is that rushing to build a giant amount of TNT and killing the opposition without A fight (its ok in certain scenarios>1<)
    6. Time limit is 6 Hours.

    <1>Nearing to time limit.
    <1>Otherwise said so.

    Just in case anyone wants it, Hardware:
    16GB DDR3 Kingston Ram
    Double Gigabit Ethernet Connections.