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Whitelist Archivolt's Departed Server | No Banned Items | MyTown | 1.3.0

A FTB Departed server where people can have some serious mostly-mature fun! Mostly unexplored!

  1. Matthew Tran
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    Modpack Version:
    Archivolt's Departed server is a FTB Departed server that aims to give you a immersive, mostly-mature gameplay Departed modpack experience for all players. Our server tries to balance immersion of the presented mods but also having some fun too. The server also has a fairly small maximum player count to promote teamwork and a tight-knit feeling. Join up with others and explore the mostly unexplored world!

    World Creation date: 10/18/2015
    Teamspeak: archivolt.hopto.org
    Player limit: 16

    View the server map: http://archivolt.hopto.org:8123/

    We welcome almost everyone into our server. Just request to be added to the whitelist on our teamspeak, this server entry, or through a ticket. We only ask that you follow these few simple rules:
    • Do not excessively swear.
    • Do not create ultra-lag contraptions and super-immersion breaking structures.
    • Do not abuse potentially destructive items
    • Do not grief pointlessly
    • Do not attack players who do not wish to fight
    • No racism, religious speech, idealism, aggressive political speeches, distasteful symbolism, etc.
    • No spamming chat/items
    • No exploitation of bugs
    • Do not exploit/dupe game items
    • No advertising of any sort
    • No slandering of staff or other players, keep the server clean please
    • Have fun without ruining other member's fun!
    Report abusers using our Teamspeak or ticket system at http://archivolt.hopto.org/


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