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Open APOC Gaming Sky Factory 2.5 | Custom Islands | Anti-Grief/Raid/PVP | Economy/Shops

APOC Gaming is a 30+ server network of modded and vanilla minecraft servers that is non pay2win.

  1. Zilacon
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    1.7.10 Sky Factory 2.5 IP: SF25.APOCGAMING.ORG

    Website: http://apocgaming.org
    Servers: http://apocgaming.org/servers
    Discord: https://discord.gg/uctbDQb
    Teamspeak: TS.APOCGAMING.ORG

    APOC Gaming is a 6 year old minecraft network that independently hosts over 30 minecraft servers for the public. We host many modpacks on all launchers and are online 24/7/365.

    Our servers are vote inspired, which means donor ranks can be obtained through voting (free). There is no Pay2Win on our network and there is no restricting items to specific ranks. Even if you are new to the server and Unranked you have full access to everything in the modpack.

    • Independently hosted dedicated servers. Our servers are not on a 3rd party host which gives them greater performance.
    • Crash Prevention & Localization: Our servers will localize a crash event to the chunk/region it originated in and only affect those near it instead of affecting the entire server.
    • Deadlock Detection & Prevention: Our servers will notify all players when a server has not ticked in 30 seconds, if it does not recover within a minute the server automatically restarts. So the server comes back online within 2-5 minutes automatically.
    • BungeeCord Network: Our network is setup on BungeeCord which allows you to see whos on in every server and communicate to everyone across servers. Including staff. Even if there is not a staff member available on your server there will be on others.
    • All of the gameplay styles! On APOC it does not matter if your a griefer, raider, builder, like towny, or factions. Because we got them all! We have worlds for every gameplay style. Factions and Towny worlds allow PVP and Griefing/Raiding while Survival worlds are protected using GriefPrevention allowing you to build your home, explore, and experiment in peace.
    • Custom economy system: Our custom economy plugin rewards you for everything you do on our servers. Voting, being online, killing mobs and players, mining, digging, farming, crafting, enchanting, smelting, brewing, and much more!
    • Vanilla & Modded shops in every server spawn. Got a lot of money? You can spend it in the admin shops in spawn on vanilla and modded items!
    • Player Shop Plots in Spawn. Once you obtain $15,000 you can purchase your own plot of land in spawn to build your own shop and sell items to others at your prices. Price your stuff lower than the admin shops to encourage people to buy from you!
    • Custom Islands! We use our own island design for every island spawned on the server. This large 35x35 clay island has its own animal pen, 3 streams of water, and a hut that houses the starter chests. All islands have a 100x100 protection zone to prevent griefing, raiding, and pvp.
    • We have much more to offer so come check us out!

Recent Reviews

  1. Anthony Cosentino
    Anthony Cosentino
    This was a pretty fair mod pack, though to say it was a bit difficult for me to understand :( lmao. Now that I look back on this mod pack and server it really did help me out in learning mods about energy and power.