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Open Absolution Gaming | Infinity Evolved | Normal | PvE | 2.5.0 Bungee

FTB Infinity Evolved - 2.5.0 | Custom Land Protection | Custom Plugins | New Server | Low Lag

  1. AbsolutionMC
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    Server Information

    Our Website
    Server Address

    Looking for the modpack? Try http://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-infinity-evolved

    It has taken us time to recreate and design the server around giving you the best experience we can offer, upon changing our server we have reset the world for the infinity Evolved server, To create a better server in the eyes of our players. With this new set up we are rebuilding from the ground up. We are bring more to you now, We have a creative world for them who enjoy just building, We have a mineral worlds for them who want to gain more resources, We have a public mystcraft world for you
    to create your own worlds and explore to the deeps of the earth

    Main Server Features

    Unique Voting Rewards
    Player Economy, Ran by the players
    Mineral Server
    Creative Server
    Public Mystcraft Server
    Low Latency
    Custom Plugins
    Weekly Giveaways
    Grief Prevention
    FTB PvP Server (Coming Soon)
    Teamspeak Server
    In-Game Player Ranks

    Helpful Commands

    /Server Mineral, Teleport you to the Mineral World.
    /Server Lobby, Teleport you to the Lobby.
    /Server Creative, Teleport you to the creative world.
    /Server Infinity, Teleport you to the Infinity World (Your Build World)
    /Adminshop, Teleport you to the Admin Shops.
    /Portals, Teleport you to the portals area.
    /tpa, Teleport you to your friends.
    /wild, Random Teleporting.
    /Food, Gives you some Food.
    /Gift, Every item helps.