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Open Absolution Gaming | Infinity Evolved | Normal | PvE | 2.5.0 Bungee

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It has taken us time to recreate and design the server around giving you the best experience we can offer, upon changing our server we have reset the world for the infinity Evolved server, To create a better server in the eyes of our players. With this new set up we are rebuilding from the ground up. We are bring more to you now, We have a creative world for them who enjoy just building, We have a mineral worlds for them who want to gain more resources, We have a public mystcraft world for you
to create your own worlds and explore to the deeps of the earth

Main Server Features

Unique Voting Rewards
Player Economy, Ran by the players
Mineral Server
Creative Server
Public Mystcraft Server
Low Latency
Custom Plugins
Weekly Giveaways
Grief Prevention
FTB PvP Server (Coming Soon)
Teamspeak Server
In-Game Player Ranks

Helpful Commands

/Server Mineral, Teleport you to the Mineral World.
/Server Lobby, Teleport you to the Lobby.
/Server Creative, Teleport you to the creative world.
/Server Infinity, Teleport you to the Infinity World (Your Build World)
/Adminshop, Teleport you to the Admin Shops.
/Portals, Teleport you to the portals area.
/tpa, Teleport you to your friends.
/wild, Random Teleporting.
/Food, Gives you some Food.
/Gift, Every item helps.
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4.62 star(s) 21 ratings

Latest reviews


Loving my time on this server. I have come across a problem here and there but the community players are friendly and happy to help and the staff were as well. I hope to see more players on the server soon
been building my castle today the server run's really well server staff have been really helpful and its a great server to play on
I have, so far, spent a good week and a half to two weeks on this server already. Everything I've seen has made me enjoy my time on it, and makes me want to spend even more time on it. The moderators are excellent, friendly, and darn-near leap to assist you. The player community is friendly, and help each other out. Lag happens, of course, like just about any type of server, but when it does happen it's either A. sorted out by a function that removes ground items every few minutes (with warnings) or B. fixed quite quickly by the moderators. Any issues with the server are very quickly sorted out, usually within the day. Like I said, a wonderful server that I can't wait to put more time into.
thi's server is asom and has youtub seris runing on it!XD
i'm working on thaumcraft and see where it would take me so i'm working on collecting fargment of knowelge so i can work on my research.
This server has great knowledgeable staff and they always like to help. I usually get my questions answered really quick when there is a staff member online. Oh did I mention they are friendly!
Its a great server with very active and knowledgeable staff. Very fair rules and very easy plugins to learn.
Great Players on this server with very little lag, even for me being in America it is a very fast and lag free server.
Very friendly staff, always willing to assist with problems. Seems to have a very good player base and is quite populated A* Server :D