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Open [1.5]Synchronised-Direwolf20(1.7.10)[PVP][Towny]

A FTB PVP Community

  1. Jak3rz01
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    Direwolf 1.7.10
    Synchronised Gaming is a newly re-opened server looking for fun and adventurous players. We are currently working on making the server as fun and balanced as possible.

    We are running Direwolf 20 1.7.10

    Key Features: Quarries, mining turtles and arcane bore allowed in mining world, Twilight forest, Starter Pack, Spot Loader, Fresh Map.

    Plugins: Towny, Essentials, Votifier, Multiworld, RandomSpawn, Chestshop

    Currently banned Items*: World anchor Nukes and other greifing items OP wands
    *We will continue to review the banned items to balance the server.

    Coming soon: Players market world and TS3 server

    If you are looking for a friendly and fun community then this is the place for you!
    Any questions or queries feel free to ask on the site. http://synchronised.enjin.com
    Or Join us in game at Synchronised.nitrous.it

    Server specs/location:
    Ram:8GB DDR3
    CPU: i7
    20GB SSD