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Whitelist [1.4.0/1.12.2] Balls to the Wall - Revelation / Active & Friendly

Active & Friendly Revelation Community with tonnes of experience & enthusiasm.

  1. Balls to the Wall
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:
    White-list Application: here.
    Discord: here.

    We would like to announce our new MC Revelations 1.4.0 server!
    We are a pair of veteran players who would like to open up our server to a small community of mature players.

    We don’t want to tell you what you can and can’t do. You should already know this.
    We are based in the UK and in The Hague, so this reflects the times we will be active.

    We both have jobs, which further explains our availability.

    We have Enterprise level hardware supporting the server, website and any other hosted resources and in our testing we've proven to be incredibly stable.

    The server is based in Germany, don’t complain of the ping if you are based in Papua New Guinea. We have no control over that.

    We have a discord channel, talk permissions will be granted to those who get whitelisted.

    We ask the usual, basic things. Try to value other players personal space, unless that player is your 3rd cousins second mother twice removed (or something) or you guys really want to be near each other.

    Nothing is banned. Nothing.

    Oh and Contrary to all the evidence, we aren’t all that fond of balls.
    We have just a few simple rules.​
    1. Don’t be a dick​
    2. Don’t ask us to use admin privileges to give your stuff back because you got ganked by something/ fell in lava/ your baby mama cleaned you out; we haven't given ourselves any.​
    3. You should be some sort of nerd/ geek/ savant ideally​
    4. You can (after proving you can abide by rule 1) ask for a friend to join​
    5. Don’t be a dick​
    6. Our primary language is English, but we welcome players from anywhere.​
    7. We reserve the right to add more rules as people cause us to. Otherwise, be chilled and enjoy.​
    8. Please leave spawn looking pretty and make your way out into the wilderness before you start building.​
    9. If you want to use quarries and other automated mining tools, please travel to the mining dimension and do it there. We can regenerate this world periodically if needs be.​
    You can get all the information you need on our website, once you've registered and applied for white-list access we will get you sorted within a few minutes usually!

    Thanks guys and happy mining!