[1.3.0] MineFinity Trident | Back in Business! - Now 100 times better!

Open [1.3.0] MineFinity Trident | Back in Business! - Now 100 times better!

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Hey Friends! We are a new community which is still at the beginning. Our goal is a solidarity of mature people, which is civilized and friendly to each other. Thats our priority. We want to create good experiences and everyone should be able discover the joys of modded Minecraft.

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One easy Rule Confidence in each user No Whitelist

Our only rule is: Don’t be a dick!

In Trident, players are thrust into a land well past the brink of war. For as far as you can see, the world around you has been reduced to a smoldering expanse of death and decay. Sharp, craggy hills dot the landscape, carving ravines teeming with tainted water and deadly radiation. What does remain is a small oasis: one filled with plants and wildlife that haven’t succumbed to the poisonous environment. There may be more places like this- land without the deep scars of blight, but you’re not sure of where they might be. For now though, it is here in this tiny paradise that you shall set up your base.

However, you’re not alone. Like, you, others have been drawn to this gleaming desert gem. They want what you want. They want what you have. They don’t hesitate to take it.

To survive, you have allied yourself into one of three factions: Red, Green, and Blue. Your goal: establish dominance over the opposing teams and secure your victory on the battlefield. You can accomplish this by building up your infrastructure, quickly harvesting resources, and utilizing the very same weapons of war that destroyed this land.

The Great Battle is over, but the war has just begun.

Join us now: trident.minefinity.org or mc.minefinity.org:25577
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