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Open ✻ BetterCraft - Direwolf20 ⋆ Stable ⋆ Player Economy ⋆ 24/7 ⋆ Survival ✻

Most balanced economy server with professional staff. Join us now and get a free cookie!

  1. Darkennx
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    ████████ Server IP: ████████▌​

    BetterCraft is a properly managed economy server, with minimum prices and limited money supply, there is no way for inflation to happen. Easy to manage chest shops with carrotshop plugin, can provide sale reports after 24h. You don't need to play with economy in mind as this is a normal playable Direwolf20 server. Minimal lag is guaranteed through professionally managed dedicated hardware and software.

    • Chest Shops
    • Claimable Chunks through your client.
    • Community
    • Daily Backups
    • Dedicated Hardware | 32GB RAM always up for grabs by Java. | SSD Speed
    • Random Teleport
    • Always Daytime
    • Properly managed Item Banlist