✰Unstable✰ - Controlled Chaos - PvP/Raid/Grief/Chaos... ish

Open ✰Unstable✰ - Controlled Chaos - PvP/Raid/Grief/Chaos... ish

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Fresh Untouched server in the process of development.

No1: CHAOSSSSS!!!... atleast thats what i want to say....

honestly though the rules are quite simple,
1. Dont be a jerk :/ no one likes a jerk...
2. Kill People, Lets be honest, you were going to do it anyway...
3. Raid People, Like i said, you would do it anyway....
4. And rule number 1! errr... 4! have fun!!

Currently there is only one restriction we have, A 100k x 100k map,
Basically that means you can go 50k in any direction and be within the border.

I run this on a very powerful machine, If there is lag I am deeply sorry and will do anything i can to improve your gameplay but know that no matter where you go, there will always be lag because of something, or someone....

Sever Specs;
48gb ddr4 2400mhz
Samsung m.2 SSD w/ 1tb storage
wired 400mbps Network

We will be adding a hand full of plugins to the game to allow a better experience while not compromising performance or entertainment.

Please reach out to us and we would be glad to hear what you have to say!
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