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Open ✰Regrowth✰ | no questbook reset

friendly, fair and helpful staff | advanced grief protection

  1. MineYourMind
    Server IP:
    See description
    Modpack Version:

    IP: regrowth.mineyourmind.net
    Version: See server MOTD
    Forum: MineYourMind.net


    - Friendly, fair and helpful Staff (we expect a lot from our staff members and have set high requirements that you will feel)
    - Advanced grief prevention (thanks to our custom build system we can deliver one of the best grief protections on modded servers without the need of banning the whole pack)
    - No/low lag (thanks to our performance optimizations we have one of the best running servers)
    - High end hardware (E3-1270v3 - 8 threads CPU - 32 Gig RAM - 1 TB bandwith -> per machine)
    - Frequent backups (every 2-3 hours, in case something goes irreparable wrong restoring a partial or full backup is fast and only involves a short rollback)
    - Few banned items (thanks to our advanced grief protections we only need to ban a few items that cause server/client crashes)
    - Public showcase on the forums to show everyone what you are able to achieve


    - Ignorance is no excuse!
    - Be respectful and use common sense
    - Speak English in the global chat
    - No spamming, swearing, advertising and no racial or sexual slurs
    - No griefing and stealing in any form, even if it is unprotected
    - No custom modifications or hacks
    - Use the ticket system if you have questions/problems
    - Report Bugs, exploits, glitches and don't use them
    - The procedure for breaking rules is up to the server staff.
    -> Further rules

    Server Hardware:

    - E3-1270v3 (one of the worlds best single thread cpu's -> perfect for minecraft)
    - 32 GB ECC RAM
    - DataCenter SSDs as Raid
    - Level 3 Backbone (for low latency world wide)
    - Hosted in Germany.
    (5x for servers, 1x for backups, 1x for web, teamspeak..)


    We MineYourMind are hosting modded minecraft servers since 2012 and got professional with our own box when the ftb ultimate pack got public, since than we have collected a lot of experience and developed our own solutions, plugins and mods to solve a lot of the problems modded minecraft brings with it.

Recent Reviews

  1. Skulioner
    Staff is really active in game and helpfull, friendly community.
    Server is nearly without lags and best part you can earn chunkloader tickets by voting.
  2. thesunsetshimmer
    I have been with mine your mind for 3 years now and im have to say they make the best servers i have played yet. They use the iron block chunk loaders which help reduce lag significantly. their staff are active and quick to respond to tickets and fix whatever issue there may be. when the server crashes they look into the problem and fix it wherever possible. Rule breaking is not tolerated in any form and violators do pay the consequences. That said, you can alway make an appeal if you believe the ban was undeserved.
  3. SamsDake
    This server is PG and has lots of friendly players, the community is very helpful and will back you up if you are needing help . The staff are kind and persistent , there is never a second where there is not a member of staff online. This server is EXCELLENT for people starting modpacks I would recommend this server
  4. Olovice
    Server has great stability and little lag. Haven't experienced any toxicity, people are pretty friendly.
  5. Jilixi
    This network is walling mods behind a payed sub. Beware and report to Waila and Mojang as breach of license and EULA
  6. Hanover Fist
    Hanover Fist
    Excellent community and staff. Very friendly and helpful.Server is stable and has all the proper protections. i.e. grief.There are also server an player perks to enhance your gameplay.
  7. Jack19
    The staff is nice also very helpful. great player basis as well.
  8. adoomi
    The staff are friendly and there is usually very little lag. And just a all around great server.
  9. doom_of_anubis
    I love the mym network. I have played on it for going on 3 years now and have never regretted it. The community and staff are open and friendly, the servers are stable and well maintained, they keep their launcher up to date on news, and the launcher keeps the networks packs all in one easy place. The premium ranks are a nice bonus for those who want them, without affecting game play in any overly major way. All in all, a great network. Keep up the good job, guys!
  10. xXgeoffreyXX
    great community nice staff minimal lag