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Open ✰Agrarian Skies 1 & 2✰ - Skyblock Server | PvE and PvP, raiding, 24/7, no lagg, advanced protection

Skyblock Server | PvE and PvP, raiding, 24/7, no lagg, advanced protection

  1. MineYourMind
    Server IP:
    See description
    Agrarian Skies
    Modpack Version:
    IP 1.7: as2.mym.li
    IP 1.6: agrarian-new.mym.li
    Version: See server MOTD
    Forum: MineYourMind.net

    The Modpack:

    Agrarian Skies is a new modded minecraft skyblock modpack by jadedcat which is still in development but also in public beta which we can already enjoy. It is heavily based on the Ex Nihilo Mod which is the heart of the modpack and allows the skyblock system with mods. If you ever wanted to test your skills and build an empire out of only one sapling and dirt block, this is your chance!


    - Team up with up to 4/8 friends per skyblock
    - PvP and Raiding in the Nether
    - Extra custom challenges
    - Change biomes per chunk basis
    - Huge distances between skyblocks, build nearly as big as you want
    - Custom protection to avoid griefing with modded items
    - No banned items (we only ban what we need to)
    - Public showcase on the forums to show everyone what you are able to achieve


    - Ignorance is no excuse!
    - Be respectful and use common sense
    - Speak English in the global chat
    - No spamming, swearing, advertising and no racial or sexual slurs
    - No griefing and stealing in any form, even if it is unprotected
    - No custom modifications or hacks
    - Use the ticket system if you have questions/problems
    - Report Bugs, exploits, glitches and don't use them
    - The procedure for breaking rules is up to the server staff.

    Server Hardware:

    - E3-1270v3 (one of the worlds best single thread cpu's -> perfect for minecraft)
    - 32 GB ECC RAM
    - DataCenter SSDs as Raid
    - Level 3 Backbone (for low latency world wide)
    - Hosted in Germany.
    (this is just one of our boxes as example)


    We MineYourMind are hosting modded minecraft servers since years and got professional with our own box when the ftb ultimate pack got public, since than we have collected a lot of experience and developed our own plugins to solve a lot of the problems modded minecraft adds.

Recent Reviews

  1. fireboyev
    Good server, I'm happy I chose it. The players and staff are friendly.
  2. leo_brine25
    some to none lag, the adms always help and are fair, dont treat people different, always the same, and the grief protection is really good, they block anything wich can bypass, so we're always protected
  3. HappyRusevDay
    Great Server
  4. adoomi
    Great Server, friendly community and staff, and the lag is very minimal.
  5. Ferthor
    First time i played in this modpack was great because the first server i encounter its the first that i spent a lot time in it because the performance was great and staff too and the comunity too. Eveyone always ready to help you if you need something or if you haveing any problem... Just 7 words: Join right now it will be awsome!
  6. JerothG
    The entire network of servers is well run, great staff and solid servers. Not to mention super fun Mod packs to play. HIGHLY recommend MYM
  7. Hihello
    This is a great server, and the people on it are very friendly. There are also great donator perks that people can purchase as upgrades, which benefit everyone.
  8. Stealthspy2020.
    I love this server. This is my home because of the friendly and excellent staff team. Its a must server! add it to your list today!
  9. B00M5H07
    This network are hands down the best for minecraft modpacks, they have a great community and active players
  10. Shawnsbeard
    Great server with personable staff, friendly community, reasonable rules, no lag, and a good player count!