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    Welcome to Complex!
    Here at Complex, we make it our passion to provide players all around the world with high quality, reliable and fun modded servers with a great community and team of staff! Having run the #1 Pixelmon and Tekkit Classic servers for quite some time, we are certain that we can bring you a great FTB experience!

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    Stable: Our dedicated servers run on the latest professional hardware and are even further improved by our dedicated developers who are always working hard to bring you a server you can rely on.
    Staff: We hand-pick the best quality staff we can find who are guaranteed to resolve any issues you may have ASAP. And if not, provide you with the best alternative option!
    Anti-Grief: We will make sure to do everything possible to prevent you getting griefed. And if it does happen, we will refund and replace everything you lost to the best of our ability.
    Voting Crates: Every time you vote, you get a vote key on every one of our FTB servers, that's 11 keys per vote! With our long list of voting websites you're sure to never have a shortage of chances to win big.

    Discord: Our professionally-maintained Discord is packed with features such as custom bots, custom commands, 24/7 support and more! Join at: discord.gg/VDnygN8

    Server Hardware
    We have a total of 4 dedicated servers, each running 3 modpacks 24/7 with the following hardware:
    CPU: Intel Core i7 7700k
    RAM: 64gb DDR4

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