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Open [ℜetG] FTB Departed | PVP | Towny | Few Banned Items |Relaxed | 1.4

A relaxed server where people can have fun.

  1. ZakDank
    Server IP:
    Modpack Version:

    IP: Play.RetG.net:25595
    Teamspeak: TS3.RetG.net
    Website: www.RetG.net

    After a spout of inactivity from the staff of the community, we are finally launching some new servers and retiring the older ones which are unused.

    Our Departed server has the players in mind as we aim for total freedom.

    Currently the only items that are banned are ones that will either crash the server or bypass protections. This means there is only a handful or so. Voodoo dolls are the only banned item that does not fall into the above category as they have been used to harass players.

    We welcome everyone to our server, no matter the age or past and we only ask that you follow these few simple rules:​
    1. Do not attempt to dupe or place banned items, this includes blocked recipes
    2. Do not create lag machines or pointless contraptions
    3. Do not excessively swear
    4. Don't griefing pointlessly (destroying nature for no reason, dirt swastika etc)
    5. No racism, religious speech or any other idealism
    6. Respect staff / Report anything that staff should know about
    7. Do not spam
    9. Advertising or saying you are 'from planet minecraft' is a permaban.
    10. Do not slander the server or staff, if you would like to make a complaint, use the forums
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