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    Workaround for no sound in retro packs

    Today I tried to play FTB Retro SSP and I was annoyed that there was no sound besides the Portal radio in the spawn area. Here's how I fixed it. Using the standard launcher (not FTB), install and run Minecraft 1.2.5 in a separate directory. Make sure that sound works in Minecraft 1.2.5...
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    [Guide] How to run Infinity Evolved with 1.0GB RAM allocation

    Because we all know Infinity Evolved is a memory hog, right? I have 6GB of RAM and I have to close everything else to run it smoothly. Well, it's not the modpack. It's not even the number of mods. It's just a small number of mods being wasteful. Note: That means "RAM maximum" setting (which...
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    InfiView - unlimited view distance (alpha release) (1.7.10)

    Download - Immibis Core not required. This mod will show you all explored areas of your world, by rendering them when you go near them, and saving the pictures. It's not perfect quality, or even good, but it works surprisingly well. Note that it can use quite a lot of disk space - hundreds of...
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    SteveChem alpha (very unfinished)

    Download - requires Immibis Core 59.1.3 or later, and a fluid piping mod. Buildcraft floodgates are also recommended. Who here likes SpaceChem? Well, SteveChem is SpaceChem in Minecraft. This is still very unfinished. Currently you can use it to multiply coal ore, iron ore and gold ore, and...
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    Immibis's Macroblocks

    Yes, macro. Have you ever wanted to make your base out of melon bricks? Well, now you can! Download - Immibis Core is not required. This mod adds several texture variations of several vanilla blocks. Here's a bunch of them. This is not all of the available combinations: These variations...
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    New Big Reactors simulator

    Download. Requires Java 8. Here's another Big Reactors simulator, because the online one is very laggy, at least for me. It also supports more block types. Here's a screenshot. Currently missing features: A control rod slider Mod pack selection (for non-default configs)
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    MCDT - Minecraft Forge plugin for Eclipse

    Download: add as an update site to Eclipse, then install "MCDT - Basic Forge Plugin"¹. I developed this on Eclipse Luna, so you should probably have at least that version. This adds a few things to Eclipse: A "New Minecraft Forge mod project" wizard: A convenient...
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    Classic Carts

    Download - no requirements besides Forge. This might or might not be compatible with Railcraft. Who remembers minecart boosters from back in Alpha and Beta? Probably not many people. They were a glitch that was fixed in Minecraft Beta 1.6. This mod re-adds that glitch. Why would you want to...
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    Hunger Underhaul

    This mod disables hunger. And that's all there is to it. I'm sure some modpack authors will find it useful.
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    Poll: What is your favourite Minecraft version?

    The future of Minecraft looks uncertain at this point. If the modding community were to stabilize on one version, which would you prefer? Assume that the entire modding community switches to the version you choose - so there won't be major outstanding bugs (like Forge not running on Java 8u20...
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    Fix for 1.6.4 and Java 8u_20 This is not mine, but I'm reposting it here because it needs more attention. The FTB team should add this to all 1.6.4 packs.
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    Quarry Minus

    As per this post in the Suggest Mods for Creation thread, here is a mod that only adds an RF-powered quarry, and landmarks. Download for 1.7.10. Immibis Core required (from here). Quarry recipe: Landmark recipe: Landmarks should be set up like this, if you want to use them...
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    Recipe Unlocker (for challenge maps)

    Download for Minecraft 1.7.10 This adds a quest system (not linked to HQM) which lets you unlock recipes using a constant supply of items. One block is added - the Quest Item Acceptor. It has a boring grey texture. It has no recipe - add one with MineTweaker or similar. The block name is...
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    Challenge map (or mod) idea

    Here's an idea for "sandbox challenge maps" (like Agrarian Skies): What if you had to supply a continuous stream of items for each quest? Items wouldn't work as a reward for such a quest (unless you got them continuously, but then it would just be like a HQM repeating quest), so what about...
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    Bread Power 2

    Download. Requires Forge and nothing else. I'm not saying what it does in this post. You can probably guess from the title.
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    Uses for Platinum in Agrarian Skies?

    What can you do with platinum in Agrarian Skies? Apart from: Making enderium (which requires a tiny amount of platinum) Decorating your base with (ugly) TE shiny blocks. Throwing platinum nuggets in an ME Condenser Using an ExtraCells bug/exploit to turn each platinum ingot into 144 molten...
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    Download. Immibis Core also required. This adds one block, that allows you to automatically feed yourself, because eating on Agrarian Skies is annoying once you have an automated food supply. Recipe: GUI: Put any food in the left slot and it will feed nearby players that need feeding...
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    Does anyone else really miss BuildCraft pipes in Agrarian Skies?

    In Agrarian Skies you have the following options to transport items automatically: Vanilla (water streams + hoppers + droppers + redstone) Tinker's Construct channels, which are basically equivalent to vanilla, but a bit tidier Conveyor belts Itemducts Applied Energistics Vanilla...
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    Cloud Storage

    Thought I would post this here, as well as on Reddit. Download for 1.6.4 or 1.7.2. Requires Immibis Core. Also requires the EU, MJ and RF APIs from anywhere - most likely from IC2, Buildcraft and CoFH Core, but other mods may include them. I'll fix this requirement later if it's a problem...
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    Dark Panels (the mod)

    >> Download << Inspired by the title of this thread, I present DARK PANELS! They're like solar panels, but their top face must be exposed to complete darkness. If not, they will catch fire. Yes, this is simultaneously pointless and OP.