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    Unturned, a Minecraft esque Zombie Survial Game

    Anyone else here playing it these days? I recently-ish grabbed it and it's fairly fun. I wish I knew where to locate clothes without having like 30 zombies on my ass the moment I walk into town. Also, a sorta "hey, want a semi-noob on your server?" sorta thread.
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    Deus Ex, aka the game you should all reinstall.

    I find myself in the very odd position of writing the first post in a thread, and I always hate doing this. Anyway, Deus Ex, a old game with depth that not many games will ever reach, and likely won't until we stop caring about spunkgargleweewee long enough to engage a player with a story, and...
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    New Ranks, New 'cheivos.

    So, just got on the forums this morning and hey, new forum ranks, and new achievements! Can't complain, but it reminds me I haven't earned over 2500 likes yet. Wonder what rank I may become if I have all the achievements after this update... Gonna have to update my sig to reflect these changes.
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    Two suggestions

    First one is more of a "Hey, that's never happened before, I liked that" sorta thing. I recently got a thread I reported(spam threads, amirite?), and the moderator told me(no idea who it was, though). I don't know if it's feasbile, but could this be something done on a more regular basis...